Friday, November 22, 2013


Have you thought about that overcoat the Koala wears ? I think it works really well as a raincoat as the water just runs off it when it rains keeping the little cuddly fella warm and dry even though he is sitting up in a tree in the middle of "the summertime thunder, the way that it happens at Christmas, Down Under."
Another great adaptation to the environment they live in is that the fur around their bottom is very densely packed and acts like a cushion to sit on the hard tree branches.
Koalas are mostly nocturnal (that is they move around at night) mostly because it is cooler and so helps them conserve valuable moisture.
Koalas are one of many marsupials that live in Australia. marsupials are different from other mammals in that they give birth to immature young (a bit like a premature baby) and these move to a pouch to further grow and develop.
The baby is called a joey (just like a kangaroo baby) or a cub. The little tiny baby looks a bit like a pink jellybean and it is hairless, blind and has no ears!!
I don't think you could say that's a beautiful looking baby.
The baby somehow makes its way to the pouch and latches on to mum's teat. Once it has docked mum contracts the strong muscle around the opening of the pouch to keep it safe and snug inside.
And its good that it does as the opening of the pouch faces backwards ! and bub could easily fall out ??
So how do you think the little "jellybean" gets to the teat if it is blind and has no ears ? and why do you think the pouch faces backwards ? 

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