Thursday, November 21, 2013


Now we need to look at some of the rather unusual animals that live in Australia A lot of them only live in Australia Also some of them are characters in another book called Dan's Christmas This is about the dog mentioned in Christmas Down Under He is a rather mischievous old rogue and his story will be coming soon
Probably the best known of these animals is the Koala bear shown here

The koala isn't really a bear at all ! He is only called that because he looks like a teddy bear and can be quite cuddly but can turn a bit nasty if he gets cranky He also has very sharp claws which help him climb trees at a very fast rate
He needs to climb trees because all he ever eats are the leaves of a special eucalypt tree found in many places in Australia He also doesn't need to drink much water as he gets most of his fluids from the eucalypt leaves So he is very well adapted for the Australian environment don't know about the fur coat though?? It would certainly keep him warm in winter
He doesn't move fast for very long as he likes to sleep for about 18 hours a day ! And he does this in the crook of a branch of the above tree What a life !!

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