Thursday, November 28, 2013


"He swaps sleds in the South Pole
and comes straight up here,
on a surfboard, with Kangas
and lots of cool cheer!"

Kangas being Kangaroos of course
Now these guys are the big boys of the bush
The Red kangaroo can be 2 metres tall !! and weigh 90 kgs It would be great to have one of them on your basketball team !
They have huge back legs and a pretty big tail for balance. These legs work like a big rubber band and the males can leap over 9 metres in one leap !!
They probably look like a huge rabbit
They can cruise along at about 25 km per hour but can speed up to about 70 km/hr if they are in a hurry But they probably don't do this in the middle of the day 'cause it's too flamin' hot and they are more comfortable sitting around in the shade of a great big gum tree.
Their species name is  Macropus rufus and I think rufus sounds a little bit like Rudolph Don't you ??

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