Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Well it's getting late in the year again so Santa's workload is increasing all the time as time is running out until Christmas There are so many things to organize All of the elves and helpers are getting excited as well They are busily working away at their benches to make sure all is completed and ready for delivery
Up in the North Pole and all of the northern hemisphere of the earth it is getting chillier as the season is nearly half way through fall or autumn and heading towards the cold of winter so you'll all be rugging up to keep warm The leaves on the trees are changing to the beautiful colours of fall and they will start to fall off and leave the trees bare for winter frosts and snow
But isn't it strange in the southern hemisphere (that is the half of the world below the equator and hence "down under" the equator) it is the middle of spring and warming up !! with new growth and buds bursting with colourful flowers
Everybody down there has put away all their winter woollies and are gearing up for hot summer and the beach
Do you know why this is so ?
Maybe we can talk about that next time You have a think about it

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